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Gini helped us by narrowing down some of the options we had seen and what our next move was going to be. She was understanding, patient and compassionate throughout this entire process. She just got us!

Christina and Fernando Pellicer
July 25, 2018

Gini was a huge help all the way through our purchasing process. She helped us weed through the selection of townhomes in South Charlotte. We are not from the area so her good guidance was critical in us making the right choice. She listened intently to what we wanted and led us to the perfect spot for us. After we selected our place she really went to work helping with inspections, access to the home and the negotiations portion. We did not know what to ask for much less how to get it. Gini handled us getting what we wanted and took the reins through a couple of bumpy spots in the process prior to closing and even helped us get things done through the HOA at the complex. She suggested some tradesmen for painting, repairs etc and each one we used was very thorough and professional. You could tell they knew Gini and wanted to please us because she was putting her name on the line to us with a referral. We would recommend Gini without reservation to anyone who needs a strong Charlotte realtor.

Johnny and Karen Smith
February 19, 2018


When I first met Gini Swancy, I was impressed with her open, friendly professional manner. What followed, made me grateful a friend had recommended her and proved that she was a gift from heaven. I was moving to a new city, but my home needed repairs and updating before it could be put on the market. A General Contractor was scheduled to complete the work the week after I moved. When Gini went to take pictures for the listing, she found a mess. I contacted the GC and was told that the carpet was back-ordered 6-weeks. Gini selected new carpet, a coordinating wall color, etc., noticed some items to add to my work list and others to be removed. I trusted her to make any changes she felt appropriate. My faith was rewarded. By 6:00 PM the day my listing was posted, I had a signed contract for over my asking price! The buyer made a lot of requests, of which I was unsure how to fulfill or my requirements. Gini guided me through the process, letting me know which requests were unreasonable and stopped them. She made me feel secure with my decisions and protected. If you are a first-time seller or buyer, I could not think of anyone better to help you. 

Pamela Murner
June 14, 2017

When Gini showed up at the house with a smile and a positive, let's get to work attitude, I was more than a little impressed. She spent a couple of hours with me, going room by room compiling a list of action points, and even helped me get the living room set before she left. Her recommendations were presented in a very clear list, organized by room, and prioritized so that we knew which tasks to tackle first. She made many suggestions that never would have occurred to us otherwise. This is not the first home we've sold, but it was the first one we staged, and we believe it made a world of difference! After implementing Gini's suggestions, our house truly looked beautiful, which in turn produced excellent photographs for online and print marketing. Our house was on the market for 10 days before going under contract, and it was shown multiple times each day it was listed (the first Saturday we had 9 showings!). We received many compliments in the form of Realtor feedback on the presentation of our home. Gini had predicted that our house would sell within two weeks on the market and it did! I have no doubt that Gini's amazing eye for design and decor, and her solid grasp of how to transform a home into a place prospective buyers can envision themselves would be invaluable assets to anyone planning to sell their home. I can't imagine ever going through another home sale without her!

Amber Tram
March 17, 2017

I was so fortunate to work with Gini on the sale of my home. She was very knowledgable, friendly, and professional.  The first day my house was listed several appointments were made for viewing, by the third day a contract had been signed. Gini was always quick to respond to any questions I had and kept me informed as to what was going on during the process. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to buy or sell a house.

Betty Murner
January 19, 2017

We contacted Gini because a friend recommended her. She is a genius when it comes to getting a house market ready. It was a lot of work, but our house looked like a model home and we had an offer, way over what we thought we would get, in the second week of being on the market. We weren't willing to do a lot of repairs and Gini negotiated a great price for us with just a few simple things to take care of before close. 

She then helped us to find our dream home. We told her what we were looking for and how much we could spend. She showed us a couple of things that met our criteria exactly. She spent time talking to us and asking a lot of questions about how we spent our time. She was interviewing us without us even knowing it! Then she asked us to give her a couple of hours and let her pick a few homes that were slightly outside of our criteria. We trusted her and fell in love the minute we walked into the house that we eventually bought. We never would have even looked at the house if we hadn't trusted her. I would highly recommend her for any purchase or sale of a home.

Amy K.
September 13, 2016

Gini knows her stuff! She's great in the conceptual/artist side, but is also a whiz with the numbers. She has a keen eye for design and what people want. She's warm, funny and smart - making working with her a joy. I highly recommend Gini!

Lis Tanz
July 24, 2015

Gini is a hard working, creative, reliable, and honorable. Her dedication to her friends, clients, and colleagues shows that she put's time and energy into what is important to her. She has shown great leadership, and team building skills. When she put's her mind to something she will achieve it! I feel lucky to have met her and to be on her team.

Megan Burkham
April 25, 2015